August 01 2016
Written By
Jeremy Davis

The Tempus Machina Custom Rolex: An Education


Jamie 'the watch man' mastro - January 21 2017

Hm a crossover between modern and vintage. I love the idea. That is truly a beautiful watch with what sounds like great craftsman standing behind it!

Harry Palmer - September 01 2016

Cum Lauda ! Your neo-vintage Rolex, as far I can see on internet, are probably the best avaiable ont the market, thought the other bespoke subs are pretty well made too.

I wish I could purchase your 809H model, but it is out ouf my budget right now. But I’d like to say thart among the “cheap” neo makers, one was right from thevery start, but failed in selling his watches : TÄRNAN, who issued the Oceanographer watch in 2011, one year before the Tudor balck bay and MKII’s Kingston. It was a 3-6-9 gilt dial watch, date between 4 and 5, no crown guards.
Reasons why they were not a hit at tha ttime remain unknwon to me. Bad marketing ? Too early ? Maybe.

It’s great neverthelesss to see that young entrepreneurs like you dare to create “new old” watches to satisfy a real, deep demand from the watches aficionados that can’t afford to bang half a million bucks.

Good job !

Cay Broendum - August 01 2016

Brilliant work and watch. No doubt.

Cay Broendum ( Historic Horoligical Art) Copenhagen

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