When Can I expect my watch to be delivered?

Typically, fabrication of your watch may take anywhere from 3-8 months after your order is placed.


Tell me a little about your modification processes.

Every watch Tempus Machina produces begins as a brand new timepiece that has been purchased from authorized dealers. 

Unless absolutely required, original and/or genuine parts are used in your finished Tempus Machina timepiece.  Exceptions may include the replacement of the factory crystal with our custom high-dome sapphire crystal.

Using old-world techniques, the cases are shaped by hand in true bespoke fashion. Lugholes are drilled and crisp bevels are applied to the lugs.

The gilt dials are made using the original galvanic process of creating a negative relief on the dials.  As a result, every dial we make is unique and embodies its own unique “fingerprint” as was the case of gilt dials produced 50 years ago.

The original hands are used and are replated (if required) with 18k gold and then relumed with our proprietary Tritec lume mixture.


What is the warranty on my watch?

Tempus Machina will provide any servicing requirements related to faulty movements for a period of 1 year after your order is delivered.


What forms of payment to do accept?

We accept all major credit cards, bank wire transfer and Paypal.  50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time or order placement.  The other 50% is due just prior to delivery. When your watch is ready for shipment, you will be notified, by email, with payment instructions.  Once payment is received, your watch will be shipped and tracking number will be provided.


Will the modification invalidate the original manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes. At least that is our expectation.  We cannot guarantee that any original warranty will be honored at authorized Rolex Service Centers.